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July 2–7, 2017 Hollyhock,
Cortes Island BC,
Time of Transition
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July 7–12, 2017 Hollyhock,
Cortes Island BC,
The Five Dimensions of the Mystical Heart
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January 6–13, 2018 near Puerta Vallarta, Mexico Mexico Sufi Camp Download: Registration information


Time of Transition

Presented at Hollyhock on Cortes Island BC, Canada, July 7–12, 2017.


Pir Vilayat: His Spiritual Legacy, His Soul, and His Journey

Seminar with Thomas Atum O'Kane
March 17-19, 2017, Seattle, WA

In India Atum asked the elderly Pir Vilayat how he wanted to be remembered. With a smile he replied, "As someone who was never possessed by an ‘ism’, including Sufism".

During this workshop we will invoke his legacy through some of his most profound teachings and practices. We will challenge ourselves to reclaim our capacity for mystical union through ecstasy, splendor, sacredness and illumination.

We will learn to detach from distortions of our self-image and strive to awaken into our soul's perspective and potential, opening ourselves up to manifest our divine qualities for the fulfilment of God within us.

Our goal will be to follow Pir Vilayat's example of serving the emergence of a planetary consciousness, which is so essential to the healing of the heart. Fostering spiritual liberty in order to encompass the oneness of the human family will be our main focus, in full recognition of the call of the Spirit of Guidance to be co-creators in the unfoldment of the divine intention.

During our time together Atum will share numerous stories about Pir Vilayat and their journey together.

bullet March 17 - 19, 2017
bullet Registration information
bullet Contact Pat Hoglund at for details.


2018 Sufi Camp in Mexico with Asha Greer

Come join us for a wonderful retreat on a beautiful beach where the jungle meets the sea. Mexico Camp provides a rare opportunity to dive deeply into spiritual practice and inquiry within a supportive community while enjoying the great beauty and serenity of the natural world. Mornings are spent exploring mystical teachings and practices, meditation, dances, and discussion. Afternoons are free for swimming, hiking, boating, whale-watching, or just relaxing on the pristine beach, which is right at your doorstep.

bullet January 6-13, 2018
bullet Registration information
bullet Contact Madhura and Nurah at for details.

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