Training Intensives

The various trainings offered cover numerous inter-related archetypical themes related to Spiritual Guidance. These trainings are not meant to replace individual psychotherapy. If, in the exploration of a theme, something arises that calls for further individual inner work, you are advised to seek the appropriate form of therapy. This will help you further address the issues and foster Psycho-Spiritual growth.    Atum

Core Training

The Art of Spiritual Guidance

This foundation course is a 2-year training program for people in a mature place on their path – spiritually or psychologically or both – and who are committed to further learning and exploration. The training comes from an interfaith perspective, integrating the wisdom and insights of Transpersonal and Jungian Psychology.  The training is for those called to spiritual guidance and will also benefit those working in medical, religious, teaching and helping professions by broadening their understanding of spiritual development.  This is an opportunity for 20 or so people to journey together creating a sense of spiritual community and support. 

Spiritual guidance supports a process of personal transformation

that connects the soul with its longing for expression and authenticity.

It is an art, a gift, a calling…

Current and Upcoming Art of Spiritual Guidance programs: North America Europe

Advanced Training

The Alchemy of Transformation

This course is designed as an advanced immersion training for those who have completed the Art of Spiritual Guidance Program. The Alchemy of Transformation is an in-depth experiential study of seven essential alchemical operations, which lie at the heart of the process of transformation. Explore each operation from its corresponding psychological and spiritual dimensions. How they are reflected in and affect Relationships is also a theme. Special attention will be given to the archetypical images, myths and sacred rituals of various traditions, which embody the operations. A unique aspect of the program is emphasis upon a rich collection of spiritual practices that facilitate the alchemy of transformation, and creative exercises that help to integrate the operations.



completion of two-year spiritual guidance training with Atum


a commitment to engage these potent operations in your life, rather than seeking a solely intellectual understanding of them


linkage with various spiritual practices offered

bulletmaintenance of a journal for reflection, to record experiences and images collected of each operation

Upcoming Alchemy of Transformation programs:

Charlottesville VA, USARegistration InformationContact
Class schedule 2018: Mar 22-25, 2018; Nov 29-Dec 2, 2018; Feb 28-Mar 3, 2019; June 28-30, 2019

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Archetypal Dimensions of Spiritual Guidance

This training explores eight archetypes central to the great religions. They also form the archetypical foundation of the Spiritual Guidance Wisdom School. Their significance to individual spiritual development, relationships and the needs of the world will be addressed through meditation practices, creative exercises and teachings from various traditions, including Jungian Psychology. Participants will be asked to practice invoking and engaging each archetype in informal guidance sessions.

The Keeper of the Sacred Space

How do we invoke, foster, sustain and protect the sacred space within one, with another, among a community and in the natural world. Transitioning in and out of sacred time, the symbolic shaping of space and the deep structures of ritual will also be explored.

The One Who Hears the Cries

Within the container of the sacred space there is the accommodation for inviting the deep cries, longing and dreams of the heart and soul. The gift is experiencing the longings being voiced, heard and honored.

The Advocate of the Soul

Advocation for different dimensions of the soul is to affirm the divine inheritance in humanity and the divine immanence in the creation. In this way we respond to the spiritual illness of the loss of soul so pervasive in our time.

The Wise One

The Wise One lives in the depths of all of us, abiding in the collective unconscious. This archetype holds the wisdom gleaned from all human experience. The wise person is one who has lived a full life, embracing the opposites and assimilating their journey through the heart.

The Journeyer

Human consciousness has the ability to journey into many worlds. These include the liminality of transition, the heavenly angelic states, the hell realms, the underworld, the dying process, incarnation, resurrection and mystical union. The Journeyer is able to be present with another as they pass through varied states of consciousness.

The Healer

Human life holds the possibility healing the wounds gathered in the process of incarnation. The divine healing energy and presence may renew the body, clear the mind, resurrect the heart and rebirth the soul. Relationships, communities and the natural world are calling out for healing that leads to greater integration and wholeness.

The Liberator

To be released from suffering through insight and illumination is the domain of the liberation. To find freedom from our diminishment in cravings, clingings, illusions and attachments opens us to living in equanimity in the present moment.

The Beloved

The path to the heart leads to the transformation of the lover into the longed for divine Beloved in the mystical kiss. Embodiment of the beloved, liberation through love and mystical death through absorbtion and union are defining elements of the world of the Beloved.

A Peer Group Guidance Model

The training will also contain the teaching of a spiritual guidance model based upon the archetypes that may be used among small groups whose members support each other on their paths.

Current and Upcoming "Archetypal Dimensions of Spiritual Guidance" programs: North America Europe

Upcoming Archetypal Dimensions of Spiritual Guidance:

Spokane, WA, USARegistration Information
Class schedule 2018: April 12-15, July 26-29, Nov 8-11; and one session in 2019, April 4-7

North America

The Soul of Christianity

This program will be an in-depth journey into the symbolic life contained within the Christian tradition. Emphasis will be placed on discovery of an inner path of spiritual development, rather than on the organized religion or institutional Church. Spiritual practices and teachings that invite us to participate in experiences of the divine presence will be explored. To view the program flyer, click here.

Current and Upcoming Soul of Christianity programs: North America Europe

Good Seeds Rosary Prayer Beads for a New Consciousness

At our recent International Gathering in California, I introduced a new practice for the community. It is hoped this rosary will address concerns about how to stay connected to the teachings between trainings.

There are forty prayer beads, a number related to transformation. Each bead is associated with an essential seed thought from various traditions. Working with the rosary as a gathering of good seeds, we will explore four levels of the practice: planting, watering, cultivating and harvesting the seeds. Quotes are drawn from Carl Jung, Helen Luke, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Frances Vaughan, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Pema Chodron, Tiehard de Chardin, St. Teresa, Rev. Zalman Schachter and others. In the seminar there will be offered a context for the practice with further explanation of the four levels and various formats, along with amplification of the thoughts. The training is only for members of the Spiritual Guidance Wisdom School.

"The Rosary of the Good Seeds", Other Upcoming Locations and Dates:

The Mandala Pilgrimage: An Inner Journey

This program is an advanced training for members of our community that have completed the Spiritual Guidance training. The Mandala Pilgrimage was originally conceived as a year-long practice that could be done in the context of daily life. As an inner journey it seeks to further integrate themes from the initial Guidance Training along with the advanced courses of the Alchemical Operations and the Essential Archetypes. These themes have been expanded and several new ones are included as mentioned below.

A manual will accompany the training, which includes a body of practices, some newly created, and related teachings. Having completed the Mandala Pilgrimage program you will have the experience necessary for the year-long practice if you choose to engage it. You will also have the resources to design days of contemplation and practices for guiding others.

The mandala is a symbol arising out of the Soul or Self to foster further integration within the psyche. The particular mandala we will be journeying through is the symbol for the Spiritual Guidance Wisdom School.

The Mandala Pilgrimage completes the core studies within this wisdom school. In the extensive introduction to the manual, many insights are offered on the retreat process and working with those who are seeking spiritual guidance.

1. Purification
2. Emerging Out of the Womb of the Universe.
3. A Meeting of Soul Friends.
4. Invoking the Inner Temple..
5. Worlds of Light and Splendor.
6. The way of the Circle: Via Negativa and Via Positiva.
7. Spiritual Intimacy.
8. The Foundational Archetypes.
9. The Complimentary Archetypes.
10. Various Dimensions of Shadow Work.
11. The divine spark / the divine seed.
12. The Alchemical Marriage: Integrating the Opposites.

"The Mandada Pilgrimage: An Inner Journey", Upcoming Locations and Dates:
North America Europe

Soul Friends: A Peer Spiritual Guidance Model

Soul Friends: A Peer Spiritual Guidance Model

Over the last several months we have become profoundly aware of the need for community. As we look toward the future there will be an ever greater need to hold the center and stand together. Peer Spiritual Guidance between Soul Friends can provide a refuge and a foundation during these difficult times of global transition.

This workshop will explore 5 dimensions of the Soul Friend’s Model. 1. Creating and maintaining the Sacred Container for Spiritual Guidance. 2. Clearing the Personal Heart of impressions and opening into the Deep Heart. 3. Letting go of Ego drama and seeing from the Soul’s perspective. 4. Deep listening to the Soul’s Call as it seeks to unfold and manifest. 5. Affirming one’s Center and discerning one’s way. Teachings and Practices from various traditions will be integrated into the above 5 step process.

Current and Upcoming Peer Spiritual Guidance programs: North America Europe

Petaluma, CA - July 14-16, 2017
Download: Registration information

Spokane, WA - July 21-23, 2017
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Integrating the Human and Divine: Our Call to a Greater Consciousness

Description coming soon.

Current and Upcoming Integrating the Human and Divine programs: North America Europe

Ann Arbor, MI - January 26-28, 2017
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Spiritual Guidance Special Programs

Atum offers special events and programs on a biannual basis for those who have completed a core training program. Each program is unique, and is often co-taught by another member of the Spiritual Guidance community or one of Atum's own mentors. Past special programs have taken place at Hollyhock in Canada; in Amsterdam; Burlington, Vermont; and Boulder, Colorado.

Upcoming Special Programs

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